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Would you sell your  happiness?

60 second zen

If it were possible to sell your happiness, would you sell it for $1? Would you sell it for $10?  Would you sell it for $1,000,000?  Clearly you would not sell your happiness for any amount of money, because then you would never be happy.  Yet for how little do we sell our happiness?  Imagine going to the vending machine for a chocolate bar, you put your dollar in the machine and it doesn't fall out.  What happens? My life is ruined for a dollar! You want the light to stay green, but it turns red. Think about the times you sell your happiness and your Peace of Mind for less than a tuppence.  If you're awake, you will discover you have a choice.
Never ever sell your happiness.


60 second zen

Remember as a young child when you wanted to help mummy wash the dishes. You were completely mindful of the feel of the warm water, the soap bubbles, the splashing.  Maybe you asked her if you could wash up a second time! When was the last time you enjoyed the present moment and loved life so much, that you wanted to wash the dishes twice.

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